Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Social Judgement Theory

There are five principles of Social Judgment Theory.

  • Principle 1. We have categories of judgment by which we evaluate persuasive positions.
    • the latitude of acceptance (zone of positions we accept);
    • the latitude of non-commitment (zone of positions we neither accept nor reject); and
    • the latitude of rejection (zone of positions we reject).
  • Principle 2. When we receive persuasive information, we locate it on our categories of judgment.
  • Principle 3. Our level of "ego-involvement" affects the size of our latitudes.
  • Principle 4. We tend to distort incoming information to fit our categories of judgment.
  • Principle 5. Small to moderate discrepancies between our anchor positions and the one advocated will cause us to change; large discrepancies will not.

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